Motors, Gears & Parts Making

Master Air Tool Co., Ltd. is an ISO certified pneumatic tool manufacturer, we make and stock pneumatic tool parts and components, ranging from little ball bearing, gears, motors, tool accessories, other components to complete air tools. We welcome you to contact us for parts and components purchase or manufacturing.

Custom Design & Manufacturing Service
Not all parts and components can fits the tool that your company is manufacturing. We have been assisting manufacturers worldwide to customize, test and manufacture the parts and components that would fit their machines. You may contact us for any customization projects in order to reduce your costs on making your own industrial machinery products.

Motor Making Service
Master designs and manufactures its own motors for industrial air tools. Over 20 years of experience and quality assurance, we are able to provide high quality and reliable performance motors to pneumatic tool segments. You may submit your request with detail specification of the motor that you are looking for, and we will be more than willing to give you an no-obligation-to-buy quotation.

Precision Gears and Gear Boxes Making Service
Master has been working with different manufacturers to customize their gears, gear boxes and related components. We provide high quality product with precision in related to lowering down your costs for your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us if your company requires any component customization and mass production manufacturing service.

Ball Bearing & other components Making
Master has also supplied ball bearings and other components making. You may submit your cad drawing with detail specification and allowed error ratio for making the components that you desire.