Date: 09/26/2022


We understand that tools need maintenance, proper use and environmental conditions can affect their performance. That's why we offer a limited repair warranty to our industrial air tool users. After this, we'll do our best to repair your tools but you'd need to pay for replacement parts without labor costs. The warranty applies only to purchases from store.masterpalmusa.com and www.masterpalmusa.com. If you bought items outside the US through one of our authorized distributors, please contact them directly regarding warranty arrangements as they may have different terms. Please keep your invoice and receipt for warranty repairs. 

USA Limited Repair Warranty

USA Consumer and Corporate Limited Repair Warranty

3 Year Limited Repair Warranty for USA ONLY
All Master Palm air die grinders, air grinders, air drills, air sanders, air polishers, air ratchets, nut setters and cutting tools certified under ISO 9001:2015 standards and CE compliant come with a 1 year manufacturer limited repair warranty, and 2 years store limited repair warranty issued by Master Palm Pneumatic of Master Air Tool Ltd Co., valid only for US customers. If you purchased after September 1st 2016 (excluding any consumable parts or components) from either a consumer or corporate account, you will be eligible for this warranty. Customers located outside of the USA will only receive the 1 year manufacturer repair warranty; the 2 year store warranty is not valid for any accounts outside of the USA.

1 Year Limited Repair Warranty
Purchasers of all Master Palm pneumatic air impact wrenches, spray guns, and nail guns are eligible for a 1-year limited free repair warranty. Note that only orders made directly through Master Palm Pneumatic in the USA or on this website, as well as via our authorized resellers & distributors, will be valid. For items purchased through an authorized distributor outside of the USA, please review their store warranty policy and contact them for repair coverage.

USA Reseller Limited Repair Warranty

1 Year USA Store Warranty for USA Resellers
(Updated 09/26/2022)

All Master Palm branded ISO 9001:2015 certified and CE bookmarked air die grinder, air grinder, air drill, air sander, air polisher, air ratchet and cutting tools come with 2 years limited repair warranty issued by Master Air Tool Ltd Co, USA for items purchased on or after 11/01/2017 excluding consumable parts and components for corporate customers. Please use our online billing portal to submit all claims.

1 Year Limited Repair Warranty
All Master Palm pneumatic air impact wrench, spray guns, and nail guns come with 1 year limited free repair warranty for all customers.

Please be advised that only orders purchased directly or submitted to and processed by Master Air Tool Ltd Co, USA or on purchased through internal.mastertoolsupply.com will be honored. For items purchased through our Master Palm authorized distributors in other countries, please follow their store warranty policy and contact them directly for warranty repair.

Some USA resellers are capable of repair air tools, in that case, we will ship warranted parts excluding accessories and consuming parts for free within 2 years warranty period.

International Warranty

For customers outside of USA, we only offer 1-year limited repair warranty for all types of Master Palm brand pneumatic tools.  Customers are liable to pay for inbound and outbound freights. All warranty repair request shall be submitted online at mastertoolsupply.com. Upon receiving your warranty return request, we will assign a repair center near you, some repair centers might be located in another country close to you, to send the tool for repair.

After Warranty Free Labor Repair

Master Air Tool companies stock non discontinued items parts and components for a period of 10 years, therefore, if after the warranty, your Master Palm brand pneumatic tools need service, we are able to repair it for you for free, however, you will have to pay for parts, components cost and the tool needs to be repairable, otherwise your request will be declined.

For any warranty repair request, please acquire Return Authorization Number to determine if your tool is repairable or not. We reserve the right to repair or decline the service request when the parts, components are not available. All inbound and outbound freight shall all be prepaid.
If you purchase items through any nonauthorized distributors of Master brand industrial air tool products, we will not honor any warranty to you and your customer. For all warranty repair, you will have to prepay for all shipping charges if the item has to be sent back to our U.S. location within warranty period for repair.

Any repair within limited repair warranty period will be determined if it is caused by tool design natural defect cause, if it is man made mistakes, we will charge you fee for replacement parts. Within limited repair warranty period, if the tool is repairable due to natural tool design defect, we reserve the right either to repair or replace equivalent model if the model is unavailable or replace with a refurbished item or at our own decision, we may issue store credit for you to purchase other products on internal.mastertoolsupply.com if the model requesting for warranty repair is discontinued, either way it will be at our own decision.

Unfortunately, if it is after limited warranty period, namely after warranty, if the item is not repairable, we will not be able to repair or replace the item for you. And if you are consumer customer and decide to purchase equivalent item, we will issue you 10% additional discount coupon, one time usage, for discounted products, 20% additional discount coupon for discounted or non-discounted price.

In order to be protected by our warranty policy, please submit a repair request online.

Please do not attempt to repair the tool yourself. All warranty is void after you disassemble the tools.

You will be required to attach at least 1 digital photo of the tool, the detail the better in order for us to decide the problem prior to assigning you a return merchandise authorization number.

You may be charged for part replacement and labor if we determine that the defect is due to your fault, or it is not covered by the warranty.

Please Be Advised That

The tool warranty does not protect consumable parts and components. Please do not disassemble the tool yourself for repair within warranty period unless you are authorized to do so as a reseller, otherwise the warranty will be void.

The definition of faulty usage subject to our own discretion. Most common faulty usage will be

  • air tool products not oil daily
  • store air tools in the dusty environment
  • drop tools
  • attempt to disassemble the tool
  • abuse tools:
  • use the tool on the wrong application,
  • overload the tool as it is designed for,
  • attach to the wrong air compressor,

convert the usage of air tool (common mistakes will be using the grinder for sander or sander for grinder or screwdriver for drills or drills for screwdrivers and other tool abuse criteria will be determined by our engineer.)

Each tool has a tool serial number, you will be asked to fill the serial number when you request warranty service. You will be also asked to fill the return authorization request form and return the tool for warranty service with the authorized return authorization EACH TIME.

Without the Return merchandise authorization number, any returns will be rejected. For further information, please contact customer service at 1.501.712.3878 ext 2 or contact us online using our online contact form.