Tool Processing Information

CNC Lathe machine has the working capacity of 540 mm in length and 360 mm in diameter, which maintains the controllable precision within0.015 mm for housing, spindle and clamps. CNC machines do not only maintain unified identical sizes but also the consistent quality of each parts.

CNC Lathe machine is small size with great performance, machining raw material to valve and inlet. Not only the machine produces precise and consistent identical size parts but also makes the component worry-free from maintenance.

Micro Diameter Grinder mechanically grinds rotor diameter size with precision and controls surface smoothness within 0.6s, which extends the life span of bearings.

1500 mm * 200 mm Precision CNC Mechanic center is used to reduce wheel noise and to improve wheel tooth precision while coordinating with another wheel tooth during transmission. At the same time, it extends torque power to the greatest performance and strength.